Rituals, magic and sorcery of the Australian Aborigines

15 Февраль, 2010




Any death, addition to the natural extinction of old people and the death of soldiers, in Aboriginal Australia, considered as the result of hostile forces. This is a necessary consequence of the belief in magic. People believed, that death could only be called magic, sends another person or spirit.

This death demanded vengeance, and nothing could prevent the punishment of the guilty. That has to be a man, had quarreled with the deceased or zadevshy it any other way, or just jealous. Learning guilty on several grounds, him exiled group avengers, but the problem could be solved by a special agreement with the guilty party.

Most often, revenge was magical damage, sends a pointed stone, directed toward the offender, Symbolically meant kopemetanie; a sorcerer, cause death, a spell. Ritual magic of death could be made through the utensils, belonged to the victim, or a copy of, made of bark and grass.

In Central Australia there was a ritual Kurdaitya, where, naklikaya mortal force on the head of, magician put his feet kind of shoes, built of emu feathers. Witchcraft, However, no daily activities. Witches had counted the number of a few tribes, but no one doubted their power. Aborigine, hearing of the commission against him deadly rite, must die, if not to indulge in the magic of a more efficient, overpower effect malicious bone, or commit ritual ceremony, things better.

The power of magic is also manifested through talents healers. They usually were not sorcerers their actions were directed to cure disease, identifying the cause of death, rainmaking (or termination) and predicting the future. It was thought, that the cause of the disease has always been an evil spirit, entered into the patient's body, therefore, it should expel. In this case, the aid could only have a witch doctor. His treatment consisted of rubbing and allegedly "sucking" sore spot. Sage usually spit out the bone caused by the disease, allegedly extracted from the patient's body. The medicine men often did bring relief through the created psychological effect, therefore, they are widely respected.

Lung diseases treated with traditional medicine. Different plants were ground and soaked in water, The resulting composition is used in diseases of the stomach, snake bites and t. D. Headache practiced bloodletting to relieve suffering, In case of injury imposed harnesses. Used for pain relief heat treatments: the patient was placed in the hot sand, or treated with steam. More difficult was the case with the treatment of eye diseases, common in these places, where a lot of dust and glare, and vertebral fractures, that after the "treatment" is often incorrectly merged.

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