Tourist trips: Leave all your worries at the beginning of the trails, Ч2

14 October, 2018


Plates on the tourist Trail Overland Track in Tasmania mean, that you saved from Fenny marshland. Фото: Grace Wye Source: Flickr

Hiking with a tent or in the mountains, as well as water-hikes require from the person abandoning comfortable conditions of residence. But lately is more such strong spirit people, including people with good incomes, and not only «poor students», increasingly interested in how, thus to maintain its shape and beauty of the Earth, and it really requires the ability to live in the wild.

Your brain may not disconnect, If you come back in house, where your laptop is connected to the Wi-Fi features with full mailbox after a day hike in Iceland. You will not be able to overcome its dependence on material things, If you go on a luxury yacht on the Galapagos Islands instead of, to spend the night in a sleeping bag.

You don't appreciate the intense pleasure, that comes with the smell of cooked noodles or terrific pleasure from cooking in a camp with friends.

You may not be able to fully appreciate the extreme weather conditions of Patagonia, If you urgently need a hot shower and comfortable bed.

О да, I too have it all went.



I thanked the stars for plates, that saved me from dipping knee-deep in a marshy swamp. I hired Porter, to help carry equipment across the Himalayas.

I chose a rustic hut instead of tents, When the temperature dropped below zero.

Such an adventure is a test for the mind, body and soul.

It is able to accurately understand, as we are small before the universe, and how we can overcome adversity. This is an opportunity to wonder world, in which we live, and understand, Why do so many people believe in God. This is an opportunity to find out, What's really important, and forget about the little things.

But, Could be, you just need a cool new cover for Facebook?

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