Первый подводный гостиничный номер в Африке на курорте Манта в Занзибаре

18 November, 2013


Aerial view. Photos: Jasper Ankhed.

Imagine yourself wrapped in a turquoise bubble, to watch shoals of colorful reef fish darts around. Welcome to the first in Africa underwater room in Zanzibar Manta resort!

Floating House, developed by Swedish engineers, consists of three levels – some above the water, and some under it.

While underwater rooms and exist in such places, as Maldives and Stockholm, it is the first in Africa and is located in the Pemba region, which is famous for the theme, that this is a popular location for diving with a multitude of marine life, in the surrounding waters.

Fish swim by Windows in the bedroom. Photos: Jasper Ankhed.

«After many years of planning, We are, Finally, opened underwater rooms Manta for guests with 1 November 2013 года. Мы открыли курорт Манта в августе 2008 года. We have 16 rooms, and now with an underwater number of 17″, said Matthew South.

«Only six guests until had a chance to stay in it to sleep, but were afraid.



Schools of Silversides swallow the bait in front of your room and predators lurk in the shadows. Night action, very impressive, especially during feeding, when alight. We even watched as one by one from the Windows creep Octopus».

They, anyone lucky enough to stay one or two nights in a room have the chance to truly immerse yourself in the underwater world.

«I guess, What's the right word for this is a privilege, and for you, Of course, will be a great honor to be part of this world», said South.

«And Yes, If you don't mind, marine life is watching you and you decide – sleep … or not to sleep … – This might just be the best in the world».


Night searchlights alter view.