Why not go to Tunisia in late summer?

13 Февраль, 2015


The end of summer. Began the long-awaited vacation and you decide to go with his family away from the drab urban everyday life. If the Russian South andyou're already bored, I want something new and unusual, so you need to go abroad.

So, you are an ordinary average Russian and you have enough money only for a few main areas: Turkey, Egypt and Tunisia. But what to choose?

You begin to learn the pros and cons of these countries from tour operators. In Egypt at this time unbearable heat, and you have no desire to go to Turkey. Tunisia remains! "Hooray", you say "Africa, exotic". I agree, Tunisia beckons with its mystery, Beauty. Turquoise water of the Mediterranean Sea, snow-white sand, comfortable air temperature, service, a seemingly perfect holiday without flaws. But be CAREFUL!



In August, Tunisia – far from an ideal place to relax. But what is the reason?? The reason for the little jellyfish-cross-bearers. These harmless at first glance animals can sting quite a lot.. In the water, they are practically invisible.. Their long tentacles leave very painful burn strips on the skin., which do not pass for quite a long time. In August, the sea off the coast of Tunisia is literally teeming with these creatures.. I myself once experienced the bite of a cross, honestly, the sensations are not pleasant. Medusa stung me in the arm, at first it seemed, that I just rode my hand over the algae, but then all of a sudden the ripple started, and the muscle is sharply swollen. That's it.!


And the most offensive thing, that travel companies are trying to hide the fact of the presence of jellyfish, they never tell their customers about these creatures..

So before you go to Tunisia in August, think carefully.! Is it worth it?? After all, with a high probability, the rest will be spoiled.! Maybe still better in Anapa or Sochi, to the good old Russian south?

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