Аэропорт Кернса, Cairns Airport

5 December, 2010


Cairns International Airport (Cairns Airport) - Located 7 kilometers north of Cairns, staff Квинсленд.The airport is located between the Gulf of Trinity Bay to the east and Mount Mount in the west of Whitefield.

The airport serves domestic and international flights, activities of general aviation, including helicopter flights. The flight routes mainly linked the major Australian cities, Destinations to the Far North Queensland and the cities of the Asia-Pacific region. Airport is ranked seventh in the country according to passenger - 3,7 Million. person per year.



Cairns airport is located in the municipal property administration Queensland, and in December 2008 G. was sold to private business.

Cairns International Airport is the base airport for airlines Australian Airlines, until the end of its work in June 2006 G. and still remains one of the transit airports of the national airline of the country - airline Qantas Airways.

Cairns Airport serves a large number of ships vozlushnyh, main of which are Airbus A320, И Airbus A321 Airbus A330 Jetstar авиакомпании; Boeing 737 и Boeing 767 авиакомпании Qantas Airways; A330 авиакомпании Cathay Pacific; Boeing 737 авиакомпании Virgin Blue и Airbus A320 авиакомпании Air New Zealand, as well as small aircraft Fokker 100 Air Niugini Dash компании и 8 авиакомпании Airlines PNG.

Official site of Cairns Airport, Cairns Airport :  www.cairnsairport.com.au

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