Аэропорт Брисбена, Brisbane Airport

6 Декабрь, 2010


Аэропорт Брисбен (Brisbane Airport) - Passenger airport, Located in a suburb of Brisbane, in the former residential area of ​​Cribb Island.

Brisbane Airport - the third passenger airport Australia after Sydney and Melbourne airports. Brisbane-Sydney route is the eleventh busiest route, and the seventh of the world - in Asia.

In Brisbane airport operating domestic and international terminals, as well as the cargo terminal and two runways.



In the Brisbane Airport 4 terminal: at the level 1 are airline offices, luggage compartment and tour operators, Level 2 - arrival hall, Level 3 - the departure lounge, level 4 Registration for the flight.

The terminal is also located room first class Emirates Airline, feature is the ability to serve passengers A380. The terminal facilities are also Air New Zealand, Qantas и Singapore Airlines.

In July 2007 G. Brisbane Airport has been voted the best aeoroportom Australia-Pacific region.

Official site of Brisbane Airport, Brisbane Airport:  www.bne.com.au

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