Аэропорт Мельбурна, Melbourne Airport

6 Декабрь, 2010


Аэропорт Мельбурна  (Melbourne Airport), also known as "Tullamarine Airport" (or "Tulla"), - Melbourne's main airport and a second passenger airport in Australia.

Melbourne Airport is situated 23 km from center Melbourne in the suburb of Tullamarine, it opened in 1970, replacing the Airport Essendon.

Melbourne Airport - the only international airport, Melbourne service agglomeration. Melbourne-Sydney route is the world's fourth-busiest passenger airline and the second busiest in Asia.



From Melbourne Airport are direct flights to all states иterritory Australia, and a large number of flights to airports in Oceania, Asia, Africa, Europe and North America.

Melbourne is the main purpose for the airports of five of the seven Australian capital city airports. В Мельбурне находятся штаб-квартиры Australian air Express и Toll Priority, that serve more cargo, than other airlines of Australia.

At Melbourne airport terminal four: one international, two internal and one budget domestic terminal.

Official site of Melbourne Airport, Melbourne Airport: www.melbourneairport.com.au

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