Почему нет ни одного посетителя в этом тропическом раю?

8 May, 2014


Empty beaches in paradise.

Чудесные пляжи, водопады, джунгли и древние руины. That's it., that many tourists want to see, Nevertheless,, Nobody here is going to go. So, where is this?

Possessing the highest waterfall in the world, nearly deserted Caribbean Islands and lush jungle overlooking the ocean, Venezuela has it all, that a tourist could only wish, all but one – tourists don't come here.

In the country, where the explorer Christopher Columbus once believed, that he had found heaven on earth, officials are struggling to attract tourists, but only come to the country 700 000 visitors for the year, partly because of Venezuela's somewhat tarnished reputation.

Tropical paradise, Where there's no one else: Look at that., what you lose!

After years of neglecting the tourism sector, in favor of a lucrative oil industry – Venezuela has the world's largest reserves – the government in Caracas is now working hard, to attract visitors.



However,, the country suffers from outdated infrastructure (Hotels, roads and domestic flights are all lacking) and the wary attitude of foreigners, who choose other destinations, seeing the highest crime rate in Venezuela.

«The main enemy of tourism development in Venezuela was oil», says Carlos Vogeler, Regional Director, World Tourism Organization of America (Unwto / UNWTO).

«When a country has such a large revenue generator, it tends to ignore other». Venezuela's new tourism minister Andres Izarra, says, that intends to establish his country on the map in the category of hits of world tourism and recreation.

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