His Majesty Thailand!

18 Сентябрь, 2013




Thailand - is an extraordinary country, visiting Thailand will forever leave you with the desire to return here, Because, that having been here at least once, you will always remember the magic of this place.
Friendly Thais, Buddhist stupas, lots of fruits and beautiful flowers – it's all going to be all around you, warm you will be the bright sun, and the gentle waters of the warm sea will delight the body.
If you are a lover of the unusual, then a trip to Thailand should be a must-have part of your travel pool.
Bangkok, capital of Thailand, will meet you with beauty and extraordinariness, and the island of Phuket and the resort of Pattaya will give amazingly beautiful sea beaches and forever leave in memory the memory of the wonderful nature of the country.
Thailand is located in Southeast Asia, Thailand's neighbours are such countries, like Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia and Malaysia. Capital of Thailand – Bangkok. It is an economic and tourist center, which is a metropolis with 6 millions of people.
You will be captivated by an unusual combination of skyscrapers and typically Asian antique, temples, pagodas and other ancient buildings of the city. This city is often called the Venice of the East. Each, who have been in Bangkok, is in this city a part of himself.
Choosing a trip to Bangkok is certainly worth a visit to the Royal Palace, Temple of the Emerald Buddha and the Marble Palace.
You'll be amazed by its beauty majestic mountains, tropical forests, beautiful butterflies and birds.
Thais are very good-natured people, respecting their environment. You will never hear swearing in the streets, Thai people always talk quietly. In the kingdom reigns courtesy and understanding.
Thailand – this fairyland, is worth a visit every.




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