Golf holidays at the best resorts in Thailand

1 December, 2013


Thailand golf course next to the Hotel Royal Gems / Royal Gems. Photo: Pramberg, Bernie.

As discovered by journalist and writer Bernie Pramberg, visited Thailand recently, prices for golf in Thailand is almost the same, How do you House in Australia, but you get a good bang for your buck.

Let's say right – Golf in Thailand is not cheap. While almost everyone in Southeast Asia is cheaper, than in Australia, golf prices are on a par with those, that we pay at home.

But the value for money is at its best. There are golf courses, where the championships are held, unsurpassed service and excellent post-golf atmosphere in luxury clubs.

A number of good tour operators, organising tours to Thailand, specialize in golf in this country, so independent travellers have no particular problem accessing the best courses.



And with the standard set, It is not surprising, that tourists play hundreds of thousands of rounds of golf in Thailand every year.

Be prepared to pay from $ 80 before $ 100 behind 18 holes for one top-ranking, Of course, plus support costs, including a motorized basket ($ 20) and mandatory caddie ($ 10). Rent clubs and shoes, Also available.

I needed shoes at the excellent Siam Country Club / Siam Country Club in Pattaya and I ordered it for them, when I arrived at the golf store. I was sent to the locker room through the marble foyer, where the attendant handed me a brand new pair of shoes, appropriate to my size, along with a bottle of ice water.

The whole procedure took no more 30 Seconds, but there was typically attention to detail and great service, characterizing the Thai golf organization.

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