Гольф туры в Таиланде

15 December, 2013


Siam country club golf course "plantation". Thailand.

Siam country club/Siam Country Club located in 10 km of beaches of Pattaya, is a superb venue with two playgrounds for golfers called Old Playground / The old Course and the field Plantation / Plantation Course.

On the Old Playground / Old Course recently hosted such an event., as Thailand LPGA Open, sponsored by Honda, and which attracted presenters, in recent years, female players from all over the world.

We played at the Plantation Playground / Plantation Course, which offers a wonderful view of the Gulf of Thailand, and which got its name because of that, that there used to be pineapple and tapioca plantations. The tranquility of the situation was a real consolation in the afternoon after the noisy round-the-clock activity of Pattaya..



Beautifully maintained, with impeccable greenery area (6746 m, with a standard number of pairs 72, kicks on the ball to go through all the holes) perhaps the best in all of Asia with good-natured female Caddies (Caddie is a boy bringing clubs and machi). And unless only a stubborn player will ignore the advice of caddies on the grass., invariably regretting.
More 200 golf courses scattered through Thailand, providing a variety of conditions from fields in coastal areas, in resort style, to sites in the mountainous areas in the north and the region of TheAo Yai National Park, just two hours from Bangkok by car.

Almost every region of Thailand boasts world-class golf courses., including Phuket with its Blue Canyon (Blue Canyon).

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