Ghost Towns of China: Lanzhou

7 Ноябрь, 2013


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Continuation of the article Australian national correspondent television channel JesBiJes Van, Adriana Brown, recently returned from China on construction of ghost towns. The beginning of the article read here and continued Here.

700 the mountains were aligned.

More 700 km south of Kangbashi, affability greeters was a striking contrast to a visit to the previous ghost. Officials in the area of Lanzhou, where was built brand new town, that was carved out of the mountains in Gansu province, it seemed, were overjoyed, to take us.

I was inspired by, When posed for pictures with the Deputy Mayor and other high-ranking local party members. I was also invited, to express my opinion about the latest Chinese cities in local media … less than two hours after arriving in Lanzhou.

Welcome pzhalovat in Lanzhou – novju territory. Photo: SBS Dateline

To create this lunar landscape they had to align 700 mountains, to this place to build from scratch a megacity, occupying 130 000 hectare. Up to a million people, ultimately, subject to move in here.
The Deputy Mayor of the new city, Guo Zhiqiang, told me, that the city would not repeat the mistakes of Ordos.



«Lanzhou – New District, definitely does not turn into an empty city, or ghost town. As a matter of fact, It would be fantastic, fully equipped city. It will be a beautiful city. Here you can really raise the standard of living of its inhabitants», He said to me,.


Home in the sky

On the outskirts, I met some of rural migrants from the interior areas of China, bodies in the city, waiting for, to move into their new homes «in the sky».

They farmers, mostly, and did not have the right to vote in their resettlement. But as the Government can hear their real opinion, they all told me in unison, that they are happy to be in motion. The process of demolition of their houses has already begun.

And this process, taking place across the country, prepared millions to, to move to the city.

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