Ghost Towns of China: The real estate bubble

19 Сентябрь, 2013


The roads are eerily empty. Photo: SBS Dateline

At the edge of the Ordos is a new city Kangbashi / Kangbashi, built to accommodate the millions. , the city is still largely empty.
Kangbashi Most of the houses were bought for investment during the boom, который теперь хорошо известен как пузырь недвижимости.

Ten years ago, this part of Inner Mongolia was one of the wealthiest areas in China., says urbanization expert Tom Miller.

«China is very, a very large country, and so it doesn't make sense to talk about just one bubble.», he explains.

«Imagine, China as Bubble Wrap. Some of these bubbles are inside and they can burst. Ordos is one example. The bubble burst a couple of years ago.»



But, It's possible, there's something crazy about this construction method. Chinese authorities say, that needs to be relocated more than 400 millions of people from rural to urban areas in the next 10 years. .

After all, it became clear, I have valid entry visa and I was told, I was taken to the airport … after only four hours of arrival. , «but do not you need people».

«Yes, but such, as you», she replied sharply.

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