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Monastery Of Temptation, Jericho.

The most ancient city of the Palestinian national authority is the city of Jericho. Its age is about 10 millennia. He repeatedly mentioned in the Bible. During the excavation of a large number of layers was found centuries-old life. Archaeologists have found ancient buildings, the remains of Neolithic, as well as the more recent buildings.

The legend of «Jericho pipes» brought great fame to the city. This is a story about how, as Jews were besieging the city of Jericho, which was surrounded by a huge height of walls. Six days and nights, priests in the walls of the pipes blew, and on the seventh they collapsed from these come thundering back sounds.



The town itself is located in the North of the Judean desert, in 12 kilometres north – West of the dead sea. Jericho is the low spot on Earth. Thanks to climate, on the territory of the city grows a great number of exotic trees and flowers. The fragrance of flowers, beauty Orange gardens, Green bushes. «City of Palms»- so call this wonderful town.

For tourists and lovers of history of the city you can see many interesting and amazing sights. This will be the remains of the city wall, Zacchaeus tree, Tower, the size of which is 8 Metres away, otkopannaja by archaeologists, dokeramicheskogo Neolithic epoch times.

On the map, everyone can see the ruins of the great Palace 8 Century, with lots of baths, mosques. Not far away is the Holy City of the Prophet Elisha source. And the most interesting place is «Mount Of Temptation». place, where Jesus Christ was 40 days in prayers, and where he was tempted by the devil. Later on the rocks was built the Orthodox monastery of temptation ", repeatedly destroyed and restored.

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