How not to catch a taxi in Beijing, part 2

3 Июнь, 2014


The busy traffic in Beijing.

If you can't understand, Why taxis in Beijing so scary for me, try to be in the car so, with whom you've never met and try him to explain an unfamiliar language, where you can't associate two words, you need to go to the address, where you never been. And Yes, Note, I mentioned, that Beijing is size of Belgium …

In this way, the first cab ride for me were just terrible for all the reasons mentioned above, but after a few tips from experienced people I felt, that I'm starting to get used to this way of transportation in Beijing.

There are some basic rules, you need to consider:

Firstly, sit in a taxi. Do not stand outside the car and ask, the driver can take you. Just open the door and sit down. If, as it is sometimes, your driver doesn't want to or can't you carry, He will understand, you need to go.

I also found, that will make it easier, If you sit in the front seat – Over there, as it seems, more likely to get a seat belt and be understood.

Second, your taxi driver, probably, will not be able to speak English, Therefore, you need to know, sounds like your destination in Chinese, But if this is not possible, then try to, чтобы адрес и название места у вас хотя бы были записаны на карточку по-китайски.

Если все еще возникают проблемы в общении, не бойтесь позвонить в пункт назначения (or useful Chinese-speaking friend) and ask them, so they explained everything to the taxi driver.



Finally, always know, How do you get home. Although it is harder, than it seems.

I know the Chinese name of our residential complex, but thanks to my zero knowledge in language and strong "Beijing" accent of the locals often can not understand me. So I have everything with a complicated name and address, written in Chinese characters.

So far so good, but, of course, not very clear. У меня были попытки направить водителя такси назад к нам пару раз, и теперь, зная слова (или воспользовавшись моим Айфоном-переводчиком) мне удается вернуться домой без приключений.

Я чувствую, I had a breakthrough last week, When I tried to back out of the hypermarket Carrefour with a bunch of things for washing machine. Around for a long time there were no taxis and when there was the first, I had him stopped and sat to him, because just panted from the heat.

Two months ago I would have allowed him to leave, оставив меня стоять на дымящемся от жары тротуарено не сейчас, друзья мои. Я села в это такси и после короткого обсуждения о том, где я живу, which basically I merely pointed to a place on Google maps, He drove me home. The success of the! So long, at least.

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