How not to catch a taxi in Beijing

19 February, 2014


The rules of how to catch a taxi in Beijing. Photo: Boris van Hojtem.

Beijing – This chaotic, tangled city and you don't speak their language. Often travelling Rebecca Jenkins, leading blog about their adventures, tells about the rules, You should not break when trying to catch a taxi in Beijing.

When I first arrived in Beijing with my husband, I did not leave the hotel and shopping mall, where we stayed for the first week. Okay, Maybe in the first two weeks.

The thought of entering the street, to work around this town – apparently, having the same size, as Belgium – When I can't speak the language and have no idea, where I need to go, and then getting home, was too terrible.

However,, gradually I felt some confidence.

The first step was, to go outside. I know, you will laugh, but it is an easy feat, When you go out in boiling and dusty city, where people, cars, scooters and bicycles more, than you've seen in your life.



The second step was to find a way on the subway.

It I really liked from the beginning. Because Metro is really so simple to use, and it's really cheap and has all the symbols in the symbols and pinyin (phonetic spelling) That, Where are you going.

(You can, However, not be able to pronounce destination – husband tried to pronounce the name of our nearest station and people, with whom we chatted, thought, that he asked, where he could wash his feet – This is a true story ...)

The truth is I have before in the subway had a few incidents: getting off at the wrong train station, being sandwiched like a rugby match on all sides, I stuck my 10 Kwai ($ 1,8) in the ticket machine and before I had time to grab them vypljunutyj ticket, I took the crowd right into the depth of the platform.
Although I would be happy to travel on the tube over the next two years, However, there are some places, you just can't get on the subway, so going against my beliefs I was forced to start using the taxi.

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