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18 February, 2014


Some tourist travel will remain with you forever ... Photo: Ryan Wright.

Some moments, that you experience during the trip eventually grab you, So, that you would never expect. They stay with you forever, and a few years later you still smile of fond memories.

For Vanessa Chiasson, a traveller, who dares to travel around the world and write about it on the site TurnipseedTravel.com , Sunrise meeting during a flight in a hot air balloon over Baganom, in Burma, It was a stunning experience, even memories which make her heart-pounding harder.

Oddly enough, This experience came after she suffered her worst time travel ever, during 20 the time hellish train ride in this region. But this adventure far outweigh the, TU's nightmarish trip.

"I try to, never ignore, opportunities, that provides me with my job as a writer's retreat and lets me meet with extraordinary places and people. Never before has it been so exciting, than during a recent trip to a hot air balloon over the stunning ancient temples of Bagan. Without a doubt, This journey stands alone, as the most incredible, the breathtaking experience of my life ", said Vanessa.



More 2200 temples and pagodas were built between 11 and 13-th centuries on the plains of Bagan, that were once thriving Kingdom. The plains of Bagan are home to the largest concentration of religious buildings in the world, and, In addition to the religious and spiritual significance, the region is of particular importance for archaeologists, historians, Seismologists, Architects, linguists and artists.

Say, that nothing anywhere in the world, It would be to say nothing. Bagan is really a place, where dreams come true travelers.


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