The best tips for travelers to South India

18 Декабрь, 2013


Роскошные пейзажи

Южная Индия включает тысячи километров береговой линии, кадры плодородных равнин и пышные холмы, all this is supported in the sparkling Green State with two monsoon seasons.

Tropical shine region thick with groves of coconut palms, vibrant rice fields, fragrant spice gardens and picturesque tea plantations is one of its biggest tourist trump cards, offering the traveller a large number of green places for respite.

And yet there are waterways. Azure sea gently laps at the beaches of sickle cell heated Sun sand and cruise boats move along small rivers and glassy lagoons famous creeks of Kerala.

Delightfully delicious food

With its glorious culinary diversity and mixture of dining options, South Indian food is extremely tasty and useful.



От традиционных южных деликатесов, таких как Идлис (ферментированные рисовые лепешки) и крупных тонких как бумажный лист Досас / Dosas (острые блины) до смеси изобретательных творений фьюжн, here, of course, There is no shortage of choice for hungry travelers.

Pool in the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel in colaba.

Food also long played a prominent role in many festivals in the region, with seductively colourful Mithaj / Mithai (sweets) most often occupy the central place.



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