Top tips for travel in South India and Kerala

4 December, 2013


Cruise along the Gulf of Kerala is most impressive for tourism in the region.

Like a giant wedge steeped in Indian Ocean, The South Indian peninsula Hindustan is the fervent heart of the country, drawing up a stark contrast with the snowy peaks and sun burnt Plains north.

Tips for traveling to South India and Kerala.

Expect the unexpected

India likes to toss a surprise. The journey can be difficult, especially for first time visitor in confronting poverty, exasperating bureaucracy and human crush might not be the simplest problem in exhausting epic. Even veteran travelers lose there exposure at some point, but it's all part of tourism in India. This country can inspire, spoof, cause fear and stymie simultaneously, so you have to just «go with the flow», If you want to save your sanity. Love it or hate it – the feelings of most travellers oscillate between these extremes. You cannot embrace the boundless and unpredictable, you just need to take the soul of India.



Energetic soul

Religion is a common thread, that weaves its way through the huge and complex tapestry, that is modern India. Many shrines and time-honoured rituals are a testament to the long, colorful, and sometimes stormy, religious history.
And yet there are festivals! South India holds some of the most spectacular events in the country – from menacing urban auspicious dates in the religious calendar, to simple harvest fairs, that pay homage to the worship of local gods.




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