Alluring exotic Thailand!

20 Июнь, 2013


Thailand Tourism provides a vacation on the beach, enjoying Thai cuisine and the famous Thai massage. Unbelievable beauty of nature on the islands of Koh Samui and Phuket will impress even the most discerning travelers. Nightlife Pattaya and Bangkok is truly mesmerizing.

Recreation in Thailand will introduce tourists to the traditions and culture of this country. Visitors can explore the many Buddhist temples, where to watch there shrines. And relax here can be quite inexpensive, so today Thailand resorts are in great demand among Russians.
In ancient Thailand was called Siam. Now it is a country, which is the most popular among the exotic type. This country combines numerous historical monuments and natural beauty, but supplement it with European comfort service.



Russians Thailand visa is not required. Therefore, to visit the country, you can either buy an organized tour in the travel agency, or go by yourself, just prepaid airfare and book a hotel or rent a house or a villa in Phuket, Samui or Pathiu.

Thais are very friendly people, that always accompany Russian tourists smile.
In the country's tropical climate. The main popular season with tourists, This is the period from mid-December to all February.
The Kingdom of Thailand on the South side is bordered by the Gulf of, and the Western side of the Indian Ocean and Andaman Sea. Popular entertainment here are diving and snorkeling, which are in demand by tourists from November to May.
Shoppers will enjoy the very low prices of goods. With Thais appropriate bargaining, so you can get the goods much cheaper.
Course, who first came to this country to try the famous Thai massage, experience the miraculous power of his true.
Hotels in Thailand varied, namely, from simple bungalows to luxury exclusive. Tourists delight service of the East, smiling staff.

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