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4 June, 2013


Tourists come to Israel for various reasons: attracts some ancient history, the other involves the healing effects the Dead Sea. By the way, immerse yourself in the Dead Sea is almost completely impossible, the water is too thick because of the high salt content. Israel is also known for its excellent healthcare providers. Young people, too, there is something in the night clubs, at parties and concerts of modern music.
Coming to Israel, you don't have to worry about the language barrier. More than a third of the population is fluent in Russian. Will please tourists and entry without a visa regime, which was canceled in the autumn 2008 year.



You can either book tours to Israel at prices, which are quite acceptable for a tourist of an average level of prosperity, or organize your trip yourself.
You enjoy travel to Israel by train. It is very convenient: trains run frequently enough, and the schedule is always clearly observed. The speed of this trip will be very high. The only drawback is from only one main line with several branches, and suburban Tel Aviv.
In addition to trains, You can travel by bus. Buses ply in all directions, and also how the trains run fairly regularly. The lack of this type of transport - with the onset of Friday evening to Saturday evening, and they do not go at all. During religious festivals on the bus tour you will also not be, this is to remember when planning a route around the country. Each air-conditioned bus, what makes the ride more comfortable.
If you want to rent a car, it will cost you is not too expensive. Mandatory conditions - the age of 21 years and older, credit card, driver's license of the international standard. As for the cost of gasoline, then in Israel it is quite expensive.
Traffic rules must be followed. In Israel, this is very strictly. Do not forget about safety belts and about the transportation of children to 4 years in special chairs.




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