Spend your vacation in Istanbul

18 March, 2015


Проведите отпуск в Стамбуле.

A lot of people, especially from Russia and CIS countries, vacationing in Turkey. But unfortunately, few left border of your hotel. There is nothing wrong, but because Turkey-Ottoman Empire heiress, There are so many things which you can see beyond All Inclusive.

If you have a little time, then hold it stands in Turkey-Istanbul. Formerly known as Constantinople, He was Chief City, You can say, Mecca, Orthodox Christians. After the reconquest by the Ottomans, This status is missing, and the city got its new name. Fortunately, change the "masters" of the city has no impact on the monuments of antiquity and can be seen and now, in their original form. What is only the Hagia Sophia, renamed the Turks at Ayew-Sofia and converted from Orthodox Church converted into a mosque. The Cathedral towers above the city, its architecture incomparable with anything else-temples of such magnitude now don't build. The Interior of the Cathedral exterior is painted from the inside of the dome and Golden mosaics that gleams in the Sun.



Istanbul is truly a unique city in world history. Rarely seen place, where experienced a totally different culture-East and West. In cathedrals and in different ancient buildings these two cultures, different styles and philosophies, seamlessly woven into a single picture.

Of course, Besides the historical monuments in Istanbul there are things to do. Visit the souks full of Oriental sweets. Walk on the modern city, that would not have been possible without the father of modern Turkey, Ataturk. After all, he actually made from the remnants of the Ottoman Empire, secular State.

Better 1 times see, than 10 time to read or hear. You can tell a lot about all the sights of Istanbul, but better-just once to see everything with your own eyes. Visit Istanbul, using the services of any travel company or organize a trip yourself and you'll definitely want to go back there again.

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