Радужные пещеры Китая

21 November, 2015


Радужные пещеры Китая

Reed Flute Cave of China with a spectacular illumination. Photo: Scott Graham / Media Amd Ward

Feast your eyes on the, that may be the most colorful cave in the world, which awaits visitors at a depth 240 meters under the Earth's surface.

Photos, made in these caves give the opportunity to see, stunning in its beauty and unusual natural formations, creating an incredible underground rage paints: from cold Blues tones to fiery red and bright green.

Радужные пещеры в Китае

It is sometimes difficult to distinguish where the cave with its reflection in the water. Photo: Scott Graham / Media Amd Ward. Source: australscope

American photographer Scott Graham went to Reed Flute cave in China after accidentally came across a call of her visit, during a visit to Guilin province.

«Local guide advised me to not skip Reed Flute cave, and he was right, It was exciting», said Graham.

«The cave has high ceilings and stalactites and stalagmites, that are millions of years old.
They did a good job on covering the cave light beams of different colors, to turn this place into a Mecca for the eyes.»

«The caves are located at a depth of 790 feet (240 Metres away) beneath the surface of the Earth.»

«Underground lake creates incredibly clear and precise mirror images. I'm in my life been to a few caves, but this was the most spectacular of Togo, that I have ever seen».



The limestone Cave is composed of Reed Flutes have about 180 millions of years, and attract visitors for more than 1200 Years, as evidenced by including graffiti, that date back to the times of the Tang dynasty, 792 G. BC.

The caves are named after the type of cane grown near the entrance.

Радужные пещеры, Китай.

Lights create an amazing riot of underground paints. Photo: Scott Graham / Media

Graham explained, how he was able to make stunning pictures of this incredible place.

«Cameras with tripod is not officially allowed in the cave, so I had to sneak into the mine», said Graham.

«I like to do shots between groups of visitors, going through the cave, to avoid people in my photos.

When large groups coming out of the next Hall, lights off, so I had to make my shots very carefully, to get a shot after people left the cave, but before the, as the lights went out.

This place shows, how much beauty secret is above the ground».

«The nature of mind boggling!»

Радужные пещеры Китая

"This place shows, how much beauty secret is above the ground, says Graham. Photo: Scott Graham

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