Paradise on earth – Treasure Island Phuket!

21 August, 2013




Looking for a romantic getaway travel may choose to rest a fabulous Phuket Island, What does his second name – "Treasure island".
Stunning coves with cliffs, bays of the azure sea, perfectly clean beaches with fine white sand – all the tourists will remember as magical, dream.
About four square kilometres is the area of the most beautiful beaches on this "treasure island".
The best time for your holiday in Phuket is from November to May.
Unforgettable boat trips to the Islands leave the bays. Amaze the bright Greens and exotic flowers, the abundance of tropical fruit on the island paradise.
On beaches with clean sand for tourists there will be plenty of fun at sea: canoeing and Yachting, Active windsurfing and water skiing, riding behind a boat on a parachute and diving equipment, Beach football or volleyball and unforgettable boat trips on traditional Thai boats or boats.
Lovers land types of recreation and sport can play golf, table or tennis, go horseback riding, participate in road racing, take a tour by helicopter.
Phuket offers more than a dozen scuba schools. Diving lovers (scuba diving with scuba diving), in the clearest waters of the bays will be able to see flocks of exotic fish against a backdrop of stunning beauty of coral reefs.
The island can be seen in zoos such exotic animals, as Crocodylus, Monkey, and visitors can even ride on elephants.
Very rich in all kinds of marine animals, inhabitants of oceans and seas, Phuket Aquarium. There is also a magnificent botanical garden with many tropical flowers, orchids and unique plants.

Lovers of fishing or spearfishing also will not be bored, any equipment they are given in numerous rental places or directly on a boat, departing to a similar event.

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