Guide to Japan from "Lonely Planet": Onsen, Food and temples, Part 2

23 May, 2014


Sakura blossoms in the basis of the Kyoto Imperial Palace. Photo: "Odniokaja Planet / Lonely Planet ".


Natural wonders of Japan kept a good secret. You can go trekking in the Japanese Alps multi-day and Hokkaido, and thanks to an extensive system of huts you can do it with only a small backpack behind. In the South, coral reefs of Okinawa will be particularly interesting, who have been to Thailand. And most importantly, in Japan, you never have to travel somewhere far, to be in nature.

Five of the best places in Japan

1. Temples and gardens of Kyoto



Kyoto offers tourists more than 1000 temples to choose from. Spend your time finding one, that suits your taste. If you like things bright and majestic, you must love the magnificence of Kinkaku ji. If you prefer wabi-sabi and rococo, you will find tranquility in Honen, or perhaps Shoren will be more to your liking. In the temples you will find the best gardens, The best of them, as it is considered, are located on Ginkaku-ji and Ryoon-ji.

2. Onsen

There is nothing better, than after a long walk around the city or a day's trek in the mountains, immerse yourself in the classic Japanese Onsen bath. If you're lucky, then the best option is a bath, Located in the open air, And if there is also a stream nearby, then it's generally fabulous! The Japanese turned bathing into a religion, And the country is dotted with temples with this most relaxing denomination.

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