Guide to Japan from "Lonely Planet": Onsen, Food and temples, Part 3

23 Май, 2014


В Японии прекрасный выбор суши. Фото: Lonely Planet.
3. Japanese kitchen

Japan – a paradise for foodies and kitchen here is incredibly diverse, ranging from simple Soba (buckwheat noodles) many of the dishes Kajseki / Kaiseki (gourmet cuisine). In a city, as Tokyo or Kyoto, you can eat different Japanese specials every night for a month, without repeating your food. No doubt about it., that a culinary tour of Japan will be memorable, but there's only one problem: once you try out the natural cuisine in Japan, then back home, your favorite home restaurants will look pale in comparison.



4. Cherry blossoms

If you think, that the Japanese, it's sober, staid and serious people, then join them during cherry blossoms in springtime. This is the time when cherry blossoms act as a kind of drug, which reduces inhibitions. They'll eat you sake and beer, offer you snacks or pull out your portable karaoke. When cherry blossoms – Japan is the happiest place on earth, and your presence at this point will be more than welcome. Two of the best places, to join in the fun – these are Ueno-Cohen in Tokyo and Maruyama-Cohen in Kyoto.

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