Fabulous edge – Мальдивы!

1 October, 2013




Мальдивы – one of the most fabulous resorts in the world. There go that would unwind from the bustle of the city, soak up the French Riviera and enjoy the beauty of the fabulous Islands.
The air temperature in the Maldives does not fall below all year round 26-30 With degrees. And the water temperature is about 26 With . The best season to visit the Maldives this December-April. The weather is fantastic – hot days and warm nights. Dance till the morning and immeasurable enjoyment their lives.
Hotels in the Maldives are divided into three types: Exclusive and Deluxе – This is 5, Superior – 4 and Standart – corresponds to the 3 stars. Service excellent hotels, whatever he was not the star hotel. Basically the Maldives Hotels are built in the form of bungalows. Each hotel has its own unique flair.
On the choose a hotel is in yourself and to your taste, looking than you will engage in fantastic time recreation . That soul : Luxuriate on white beaches or you are a true lover of diving, family vacation in the Maldives also tale, a honeymoon for the newlyweds at all paradise.
The average price of a hotel on the 10 days 2 adults – from 4000-5000$, if you buy a ticket «All Inclusive», price immediately rises to 6000$ .
And do not forget, that tours to the Maldives should buy only from reputable travel agencies with the best hand.
Prices for food on the islands are quite high. The minimum cost 1. 5 l of mineral water 5$, cup of tea, $ 3, a cup of coffee $ 4, glass of juice 3$, lunch – buffet breakfast – 35-40$, Lunch menu – 60$ .
Honeymoon Maldives – it is a real paradise. There can be ordered, as well as real, and a symbolic marriage ceremony.
Wedding ceremony in the Maldives 4-5 star hotels is about 700-1500$ . Just newlyweds can enjoy SPA-procedure for two, air or underwater tour, as well as a dinner for two on a desert island.
Мальдивы – it is a fabulous place on earth. Having been there, you begin to understand, how beautiful and captivating our Zemlя.

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