Тайский гольф выходит на первый план, Part 3

27 Декабрь, 2013


Golf & Spa Resort Highlands Chiang Mai / Chiangmai Highlands". Thailand.

We played at one of the golf courses from early Asian structures called "Jack Nicklaus" at Kirimaya Resort. / Kirimaya Resort, where even water barriers are good, as in the picture. Here a wide range of various options-options, the resort caters to golfers of all levels, who can enjoy superb natural surroundings.

Of course Nicklaus was carved out of the rainforest and every hole here evokes a sense of self-sufficiency.. You can play a game of Kirimaya and rarely see another golfer..

Located at altitude 400 m, Kirimaya Resort provided welcome relief after Bangkok's heavy humidity and the accommodation at the eco-themed resort next to the golf course was stunning.. Each private villa included «forest pool», and the resort's open-air restaurant was an interesting mix of Italian-Japanese «Merge».

Charnvi Country Club Ranch / Charnvee Country Club (6318 m2, 72 Hole) provides a cheaper option for golf in the region in the everyday life of about $ 40, that doubles on weekends. This interesting complex includes a riding Centre and a small airstrip.

In almost every region of Thailand is a world-class golf course, including Phuket (Blue Canyon), Bangkok (Thai Country Club, Alpine Golf Club), Hua Hin (Black Mountain), Pattaya (Siam Country Club) and Chiang Mai (Chiang Mai Highlands).



There are dozens of other, that provide pleasant and unforgettable experience.

See for yourself, and you will also enjoy the atmosphere of après golf, as every resort has club restaurants, where food and drinks are good and cheap.

In one club, I was part of a group of eight people., we took 11 Thai cuisine with beer and soft drinks and the overall result was $ 70.

In such a pleasant environment, it is easy to forget even about unsuccessfully taken pictures..

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