Туры в Давао, Филиппины

25 Октябрь, 2013


Panglao Island (Bohol, Филиппины)

Philippines - truly amazing exotic country, once open to the world by Spaniards. Many travel companies, workers in this direction, offer a year to start with interesting and profitable offers. Tourists from different parts of the world are attracted by magnificent tropical gardens with lush vegetation, incredibly rich and beautiful underwater world  , interesting traditions and   excellent service level.

Islands with   will be happy to visit connoisseurs Beach holiday. Филиппинские курорты славятся своими роскошными пляжами, окаймлёнными пальмами, emerald clear water and fine as sand flour. Diving tours in the Philippines are very popular today.. For example;, на острове Миндоро вы сможете воочию увидеть великолепные коралловые сады, which are a great haven for young sharks. Diving tourists have the opportunity to visit   have pink walls, considered to be an indispensable place for night dives.

One of   most popular resorts in the Philippines   is a beautiful tourist city of Davao, which welcomes its guests with an abundance of beaches and entertainment     every taste. It is the third largest city in the country  , in   where   today has a population of about two million people. The settlement was granted town status only in 1937     year.

It should be noted, что Давао является наиболее безопасным с точки зрения преступности городом во всей Азии. Local authorities pay more attention to the struggle for the safety of residents and guests. Twenty-four hours a day, several police units patrol the entire city, благодаря чему туристы могут спокойно наслаждаться отдыхом.



Давао — удивительный город цветов и фруктов, здесь очень часто проходят всевозможные фестивали, парады и выставки. The resort has a developed tourist infrastructure, numerous hotels, offering their guests comfortable rooms for any taste and purse.

Rest in   Davao City will   lovers of night life. On   the City operates a large number of nightclubs and   contemporary bars, where every day hosts stunning show and   parties. In   Davao everyone can find entertainment on   your liking. On   the city has plenty of shops and shopping malls  .

Church Of St. Matthias (Tamauini, Филиппины). Photos: Luke Valencia

In   city has many interesting wonders- list of sights, attracting tourists not less  , than luxurious nature of these places. In   while in   Davao Davao Museum is worth a visit, represents our visitors a unique collection of exhibits, telling the history of the city of   and   of the Philippines in General  .

You can also visit a crocodile farm and watch the     life green reptiles and other exotic animals  . Fans of mountaineering attract mount Apo and   Corissia Park. Attention should be paid to the   and the Philippine Eagle Center, home to the largest in the world   Eagles.

Tours to exotic destinations with     each year gaining increasing popularity among Russian tourists. Special demand resorts Asia, which remain among the most affordable   on   value. In order to reduce the cost of   journey, You can purchase discounted tours to the Philippines or   , cost of which is readily available for many residents of our country. In   search for the most advantageous proposal recommended from time to time   to visit travel portals. Usually, all travel companies are posting the most interesting suggestions on   main pages of their sites.




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