Exciting trip to Angkor Wat

22 Ноябрь, 2015


Ангкор Ват

Hereby the Cambodian miracle to date is defined as a main attraction, what is the name of the Temple of Angkor Wat. The spirit of the Khmer civilization seems to have frozen in it..

Cambodia, How many sounds merged in this word is, those ditches, What are located next to the divine abode, Tower, Gallery, Yes did everything possible to list. Mysterious and marvelous Angkor-Wat, its architectural ensemble has reached the modern century in its original form. It represents several worlds.: heavenly, inferior, sublime.

A bit of history

Earlier this city was located on the territory of equal only 200 km. The local population was approximately 600 thousand people. The first ruler in 8 century was Jayavarman 2, It did not choose people, he proclaimed himself God-King. The capital was then Phnom Penh.



Angkor-Wat was erected much later, estimated start of construction works- 1149 – 1151 Year. In those distant times Cambodia Suryavarman rules, but he never saw the positive outcome of its dreams.

In the chronicle, the first mention of this beautiful place is captured in 15 century. One of the legends says about its divine origin. However, this can only be conjecture., much has been forgotten.

Path: How to get there

First among the guests: Monk Antonio da Magdalena, Merchant Dior de Koshutu, missionary Emile-Charles Boolean, French traveler Henri Duo, Spanish inhabitant of Marseille, Ribandejro and many others. Advise and you visit Angkor-Wat, You know, as it is interesting.

You can now get there by many modes of transport: on the plane, bus connections, and even boat and bike from the city, located near. But the best route, which vacationers consider the best.

Relax, better there with family and children in a five-star hotel.

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