Thailand banned the famous Moon party, Part 2

21 January, 2015


Пляж Ката, Пхукет, Таиланд.

The abandoned umbrellas and deck chairs on Kata Beach on Phuket, Thailand.

Dozens of chic beach clubs, demolished or closed, water ski rental facilities were relegated from the beaches.

The so-called "taxi mafia" and drug traffickers are the two main targets for extermination for the authorities, and they're dealt a devastating blow, but thousands of local businesses and their employees were also affected, whose livelihoods depended on tourists, who bought their food, drinks and products.

If earlier the Australian tourists, wishing to have a cocktail or beer, they delivered straight to their sun loungers and along the way did foot massage, Now this "cheap luxury» most of them will not be available.

Пляж Патонг, Таиланд.

The effects of military dictatorship: Absolutely empty Patong Beach in Thailand.

«We are not satisfied with», said Dorothy Dyckman from Melbourne, which, like her husband Eric, settled down on Surin beach, where half a dozen beach clubs have already been demolished.

«We love Phuket, we've been here five times, and that's the reason, Why do we come here again. You just can't get this in Australia.



But now, She says, pointing to a squad of soldiers loitering on the edge of the beach, «You can feel the tension».

Locals say, that the military plans to return to the beaches only licensed manufacturers of sunbeds and umbrellas, Time constraints.

Colonel Prachum Ruangtong, Koh Phangan District Police Chief, said in an interview with News Corporation Australia, that such parties as «Half Moon», and other phases of the Moon, as well as jungle and waterfall Party were cancelled indefinitely as part of the anti-drug campaign.

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