Thailand banned the famous Moon party, Part 3

26 Январь, 2015


Фул Мун Пати в Таиланде.

Burning rope at a party during the Full Moon Party in Thailand.

«The main reason is that, drink outside institutions and taking drugs, is illegal, and we are concerned for the safety of tourists, attending such events, where these things are available», He added.

When asked about the impact of the abolition of such parties on the number of tourists, Colonel Prachum said: «such tourists, who come here, only to get smashed to senselessness, and taking drugs, not the type of tourists, which wants to see Thailand».



Locals suggest, now that rave parties will move on to other destinations in South-East Asia, such as Cambodia and developing Myanmar coast.

Рейв-патри в Тайланде.

Rave parties now tipped to move to countries such, as Cambodia.

During the first nine months 2014 year number of tourists, visiting Thailand dropped by more than 10 Percent, compared with the same period 2013 the year that looks especially rapidly amid comparisons with 20 per cent rise in 2012 Year, When almost 100 Thd. Australians alone visited the country.

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