Thailand banned the famous Moon party due to rampant drug and alcohol addicts

19 January, 2015


Drugs and alcohol are now strictly prohibited ... Such entertainment projects like Moon party, and related jungle party, Currently, the military Government banned in Thailand.

Thai Police, likely, put a cross on the plans of many thousands of Australian tourists after a ban on three of four main monthly «Moon» party.

Fun parties called semi- and a quarter of the moon party, along with some additional jungle party, will no longer take place on the islands of Koh Phangan and Koh Tao , not far from Koh Samui , on "addiction to alcohol and drugs» reasons, as stated by the new authorities of the country.

 Мун Пати под запретом ... Тысячи австралийских туристов, вероятно, будут разочарованы.

Moon banned Pre-party ... Thousands of Australian tourists, Probably, be disappointed.

The only beach rave party, which is permitted, is the original project "Full Moon Party" on the island of Koh Phangan, which last October was attended by approximately 20 000 revelers from around the world.

Оригинальный Фулл Мун Парти на острове Ко Панган.

Still standing ... The original Full Moon Party on Koh Phangan remains.

As further steps, aimed at curbing the flow of unwanted tourists to the country, Thailand's ruling military junta announced another attempt to sanitize the sex tourism and low-cost access to Pattaya, located a few hours drive from Bangkok.

Пляжи Паттайи.

Now the beaches North of Pattaya less crowded. Photo: Девид Мей / David May.



Also «Cleaning» was applied to Phuket – where the average 25 000 Australians spent a weekend each month.

Beaches in Thai Khao Mai, including Patong, have been cleared from the lounge chairs, umbrellas, massage therapists and hawkers.

In November 2014, hiring of surfboards at all beaches of Phuket was considered to be illegal, because it restricts commercial use of public space.

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