Ваша следующая горячая точка для отпуска: Шри-Ланка или Бали?

8 May, 2014


Новый Бали?

Simple life in Sri Lanka.

Качество волн, absolutely, лучше на Бали, but the faithful will statement, that surfing in Sri Lanka can be much less crowded beaches and visitors if you go into the wilderness in the right season, You'll get no less fun, and even more.

I heard, how people feel about Sri Lanka, many believe, that this place is similar to Bali in the 80s. It's definitely a journey into the past..

The capital colombo is a rather dirty and overpopulated city and shopping here is not good, but as soon as you leave here in southern province you will find plenty of amazing untouched, uncrowded beaches with Palm trees, that look like something straight out of advertising postcards.

Virgin, deserted beaches.



The beaches of Bali with Sri Lanka simply can not be compared. I think, Bali crowded, dirty and too pro-Western, while Sri Lanka is not killed by Western culture. Moreover, I saw no McDonald for the whole trip.

Simplicity Of Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka, however, expands and becomes more places for tourists. An example of such places – Unawatune with many tourist attractions- list of sights, beach parties and good restaurants on the beach.

Get closer to amazing wildlife.

On the other hand, You can climb into the mountains and see any Western inhabitants for several days, and it's nice.

I think, that Bali has long been accustomed to tourists from Australia, whereas in my three-week trip to Sri Lanka, I met only three other Australians.

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