Ваша следующая горячая точка для отпуска: Sri Lanka!

8 May, 2014


Relax on the white sandy beaches of Sri Lanka.

On the other hand food in Sri Lanka as well as cheap and very affordable housing, I mentioned above. But the food is still delicious and. We constantly have on the table the freshest seafood and delicious Curry almost for free. You can walk down the street and have the best Curry in your life just 1$. Alcohol, products in the shops and in General any shopping also cost very cheap.

Is it safe?

Buses - your biggest threat.

The most dangerous thing in Sri Lanka are buses. We several times narrowly missed being hit by a bus. Driving there is terrible – I am definitely better off hiring a driver, than sit behind the wheel himself, Since there is no traffic rules.

We have seen numerous crashes, and many local residents die annually under the wheels of buses. I can't even express in words, How crazy they have bus drivers!



See also – This is a super safe country. We have not had any real incidents, or even their attempts with anyone.

The Australian FOREIGN MINISTRY, Nevertheless,, recommends that all Australian travellers to observe the utmost degree of caution with regard to security threats.

Local counters full of fresh fish.

Lincoln Jubb (Sydney, Australia) – photographer, an avid surfer and researcher.

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