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4 May, 2014


Surfing in Sri Lanka.

This small island off the southern coast of India is being touted as the new Bali. So whether it is actually?

We booked rooms in a few amazing places, including at , and some of them were really very beautiful.

Lincoln Jubb in Search of Waves, sun and delicious food.

Popular travel online portal asked for a famous Australian photographer, surfer and traveler Lincoln Jabba, who recently returned from a trip to Sri Lanka, to talk about, why he thinks, that this place is very special. Read the translation of Jabba's story.

Why I chose Sri Lanka.

Sunset over the mountains of Sri Lanka.

I went to Sri Lanka in December last year with my girlfriend. We have researched the Negombo and Hikkaduwa on the southwest coast, Halle, Unawatuna to Mirissa and South Coast, and then spent a few days in Elle.

Watching elephants on a mountain safari.



We ended our trip to the east coast during the off-season in Yala National Park, safaris.

I had the idea to go to Sri Lanka with my friend., because my parents went to Sri Lanka in 1982 Year, when they were as old as we are now.

My dad being an avid surfer showed me pictures of deserted waves and talked about the wonderful simplicity of this place.

Sri Lanka is surrounded by beautiful beaches.

My girlfriend and I already 15 we've been to Bali once, So we decided, that should go on a new adventure, where there were waves, sun and delicious food without all these bulls etc. like in Bali.

Besides, I have a few friends returning from Sri Lanka., who kind of explored the island and I tried not to overuse their travel experience, so I did some preliminary research on those places, where I would like to stay and visit.

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