Life on the troubled streets of Hanoi in Vietnam

7 November, 2013


People releasing pigeons from the hoan Kiem Lake in Hanoi.

Peering into the chaotic urban landscape of Hanoi from the window of a taxi, our three children were silent, so they perceive Visual and sound of his proposed "smorgasbord": continuous signals mopeds, who masquerade as drivers, to get up to three passengers, connected live pigs, huge bonsai trees or building materials; Standing at the intersection of Buffalo, looks lost; Hawker products, balances in Libra and women with kids, seated on chairs in the pritrotuarnyh kitchens.

Our driver delivers us safely to the colonial Hotel Hoa Binh in the French quarter – good place, to facilitate the organized chaos of the city. Our two-bedroom apartments in this elegant hotel, were offline, but luckily our daughter's expectations. Setting is ideal for novice travelers: modern furniture, cable tv, Wi-Fi, and peace and quiet.

A little rest and coming in themselves, We went to our next adventure – the transition roads. Friends warned about swarms of motorcyclists and car, and recommended, so we are not walking in cities.

However, not all bad. The key is, to create a trailer of five people, with a parent at each end, and keep moving toward your goal, even, Despite the oncoming traffic.



Thanks to our know-how survival system, We were rewarded with a late breakfast in Paris Deli – European-style Cafe with coffee and baguettes, plus look at the Grand Opera House and a view of the Green Boulevard.

A woman goes to the Red Bridge at hoan Kiem Lake in Hanoi. Photo: National Geographic

All this is within walking distance of hoan Kiem Lake, oval oasis of peace, buzzing around Hanoi. In fact, one of the best ways to enjoy this city – be on the Lake, and pry, as local residents valsirujut, running jogging and practicing Tai Chi in the early morning.

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