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10 May, 2012


Economic experts from Australia analyzed the budgetary plans of the country have called the new budget "budget free benefits", due to the fact that the,incorporated in the budget plan a significant increase in payments of social benefits and pensions.

Taxation Institute of Australia has published details of its new research, analyzing the major items of expenditure of the Government of the country.

As follows from the results of the study, the average Australian taxpayer is a full-time working hours, for the year to pay 14 557 Australian dollars in tax payments.
Of this amount, 5093 USD, Government spends on benefits to the poor, families with young children, unemployed, disabled and seniors.



Financing of the social system is by far the largest cost item of the Government of Australia, which annually goes to 35% of the total taxes collected in the country.

The cost of the health care system are the second largest of its public spending, and Australia spends more than it 16% annual tax revenue.

Third the size of the federal budget cost item Australian authorities have paid state and territory, what consumes more 13%.

Expenditure on education amounted to almost 8%, and defense spending slightly less than 6% of the total annual tax revenue of Australian budget.

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