The Australian Government is planning to create 500 thousands more jobs

5 Июнь, 2011


The Australian Government is planning to June 2013 year to create 500 thousands more jobs.
Australia's Finance Minister Wayne Swan said, that, as the Government of the country in the coming years will create more jobs, unemployment in Australia will fall on 4,5%.

Wayne Swan said "we are going to arrange to hire more Australians and are going to create 500 thousands of additional jobs in the next couple of years, to reduce the unemployment rate to 4.5%.

Already have 10 May this year, the authorities will include budget initiatives, that should motivate the company to increase the number of staff, including older Australians. New jobs, Probably, will be created by June 2013 year.



In March this year, the level of unemployment in Australia fell to a 4,9% compared to 5% in December 2009 year, because the number of employed citizens of the country grew by 37,8 Thousands of people.

Swann also predicts, budget surplus 2012-2013 years will be 3,1 billion Australian dollars.
However, According to his calculations, in the second quarter of this year, revenues will be reduced to Australia 7,1 billion. This decrease is caused by natural disasters, that occurred in Australia: Cyclone, hit by a staff Квинсленд, as well as flooding, that occurred in the northeast of Australia and claimed the lives of 36 person.

Natural disasters also caused the downgrade of the Government of Australia. Prime Minister Julia Gillard proposed to raise taxes to combat the effects of cyclones, what caused even greater dissatisfaction among some segments of the population.

According to a survey, published in The Australian newspaper, If the election were held now, Prime Minister, Gillard is not able to keep his job.

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