Naivety Australians lead to credit card debt

30 March, 2013


Naivety Australians lead to credit card debt, так пo рeзультaтaм проведенного исслeдoвaния Credit Card Finder – 40% aвстрaлийцeв нe знaют, kakaya protsentnaya stavka nachislyaetsya credit card, they use.

According to the Reserve Bank of Australia, Australians debt on credit cards is 49,9 млрд. USD, of them 35,4 млрд. dollarsBillionccrued interest for the use of credit cards.



Jeremy Cabral – сотрудник Credit Card Finder говорит, debts that Australians are the result of their natural innocence, and the interest rates on some cards Australians reach 20%. "The attitude of many regarding credit cards is reduced to" activate and forget ", – said Jeremy Cabral, - "The people Aavstralii not pay enough attention to their credit cards and do not check the reports on them".

Last year,, Australia, reforms have been undertaken on the use of plastic cards, aim of the reforms was that that would make the use of plastic cards more accessible and understandable for Australians. Australians strongly informed how to use plastic cards, how to make the minimum monthly payments and verify financial statements for them.

Financial analyst at Australia's «Canstar» Adam said Beau, that all cardholders need to know the interest rate on their cards. "Now the minimum interest rate on credit cards is 9,5%, the average value of the maximum rates - 19-20%, and the maximum value on some cards comes to 25% ".

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