The Queensland Government has given permission to $ 15 billion project.

11 Сентябрь, 2013


According to the draft of Arrow Energy / Arrow Energy in Gladstone to be built liquefied natural gas plant (CNG).
Project, who will be the fourth LNG development in the island Curtis, in the area of Gladstone, will increase investment in economic sectors of Queensland almost $ 75000000000.
Queensland's decision now must get approval from the Federal Government and business owners before Schell and Petro China (Shell and PetroChina), give your own financial confirmation.
The Government also must now give approval on the proposal on gas production from coal seams, that table is one of the best cultivated lands State alongside the Dolby, as well as Bowen basin.
The Coordinator-General released his report on the evaluation of the environmental impact report and today Deputy Prime Minister Jeff Blue said, that decision will be very important for the development of large-scale project, that will provide a much needed boost to the economy of the State.

Many European countries have to import LNG from countries of Central Asia and Africa and spend substantial amounts of budgetary funds. In particular, Italy, vjavljaetsja the third largest consumer of natural gas after Great Britain and France.

«While the company Arrow energy also leads some design related work, to realize equal financial initiatives for the development of components, so when they are completed, It certainly, This will enhance Curtis Island and Gladstone as the Pacific hub for mining and production of LNG», Mr Blue.
«If the Arrow has, It will be the fourth LNG plant on Curtis island with peak workload around 3500 jobs during the construction phase and about 450 jobs operational phase on the first stage of production, increasing to 600 upon completion of the second phase ".



Mr. Blue also said, that Arrow proposed mechanism, According to which will be made to 18 million tonnes of LNG a year through the gradual development.

"Three LNG plant now being built on the island Curtis have already produced thousands of jobs during the construction phase and provides significant revenue to the State through royalties», сказал он.

«More 7600 resellers of 10 148 person, a total of, work on projects Curtis Island».
Mr. Sniy said, that it is now up to the Federal Government, which will consider the potential impact on the great barrier reef – World Heritage area, and other matters of national environmental significance and will have to make a decision within the statutory 30 Days.

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