State program to support farmers and cattle farms of Australia

15 Август, 2011


Under the state program to support pastoralists and farmers, Australian Government will allocate 70 Million. Australian dollars, under this program ranchers and farmers will be able to get a subsidy of up to 300 000 dollars for up to 2 years. Besides, provides grants of up to 5 500 USD, that ranchers can use for training and professional development, and also to pay for financial advisors, which will help to develop individual programs of development and effective management of a farm.

National Federation of Australia endorsed the pastoral statement of the Minister of Agriculture, Senator Joe Ludwig, to support pastoralists and the export sector.



President of the National Federation of Australian pastoralists, Joe Lowry, said, These grants will be huge support for farmers and small cattle farms, which are significantly affected due to problems with the export of live cattle from Australia.

President of the National Federation of Australian pastoralists, Joe Lowry said, that the new grants will bring the total fund allocated to support the Australian funds to pastoralists 100 Million. USD, which is extremely important not only for farmers, but also the representatives of related sectors cattle.

Australian cattlemen have suffered serious losses due to the recent ban on the supply of cattle to Indonesia. "The first export of cattle in this direction have already begun, – said Mr. Laurie, – but in order to restore the previous volume of exports needed time and support the government on the definition of standards for the treatment of animals, and because of which broke the scandal between our countries ".

"Australian farmers do not accept animal cruelty. This simply has no place in our agriculture, – Joe Lowry stresses, – together with the Ministry of Agriculture we have developed a system of control over the handling of animals, which are exported from Australia to Indonesia. We deliver only to the Indonesian livestock enterprises, that meet international standards, and we are working, to introduce these principles and standards for the treatment of animals in all international markets, cattle. That's why financial support from the government is very important for us and for the development of Australia's export sector ".

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