10 причин, за что можно любить Брисбен

21 Ноябрь, 2013


City skyline of buildings.

In response, sanochniku Kevin Pitersenu, We explain, за что можно любить Брисбен.

Earlier this week, English baseball player Kevin Pietersen expressed the, that was widely interpreted as an ironic "collision" in the city of Brisbane, He said: «No one has heard about Brisbane outside oz»!

In fact, can Pitersenu better sledding. But there is no, he, perhaps, not smart enough, to do this.

Petersen told the truth. He plays baseball. Although, the two control matches the previous year was played in Brisbane, He had never even heard about the city.

It's a common affliction. No one in the world ever actually heard of Brisbane, and the only reason, which holding the G-20 Summit scheduled to be held in that city in 2014 year is the, that they actually voted in favour of the Lisbon, Португалия, just because, that's not heard of Brisbane and it's wrong. Now we'll fix.

So, where exactly is the mythical place, and what are his charms?
For those, who are totally unaware of the Queensland capital circulation, which know everything in the world, In addition to the 17 or so people, who actually live there – Here's to you 10 really excellent stuff, You should not miss in Brisbane.


They even threw deck chairs free of charge. Фото: Annette Dew.



Fat dirty sand. Anyone can do it. But only Brisbane can make beaches lined with exquisite thin silt, which tech, the great water (figurative title) Highway, the Brisbane River. This whole town, mostly outdoors – giant recreational SPA.


Kulha / Kulcha

(Ed. Note.: Kulcha is Indo-Pakistani corn tortilla, apparently talking about the similarity of forms of stadiums with a round flat cake)

Brisbenskie Ecca / Ekka, Gabba / Gabba and mount Coot-Tha, as well as many other places and things, that end in «and». Among other things, one of the main attractions is the Ekka (the territory of the Royal National agricultural and Industrial Association of Queensland, now it is also the base of a baseball team in Brisbane), and here we present a quote: This is what the, where you can «see the animals up close». Gabba is one of the main sports stadiums in Brisbane.

And, Alas, It's available only to local residents.

Continued ...




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