10 причин, зачем стоит посетить Брисбен

21 November, 2013



Warm, cozy atmosphere and family dinner in the beautiful Brisbane pub. Photo: Adam Head

Brisbane pubs mainly designed to satisfy demanding clients, who understand the difference between eating, that is vacuum-packed products, and food prepared from selected products. As red, and white wines, as they say, There are also available in some institutions and sometimes even served in glass cups.

Excellent public figures

From Belke-Petersen to John Campbell Newman, one of the greatest humanitarians of the country, who presided over the second largest state of Australia in the Government – They both lived in Brisbane.


Thunderhead is moving in the direction of the city of Logan and Gold Coast, Rack Havsorn Steet, South Brisbane. Photo: Liam Kidston.

Types of Brisbane are among the best in the third world.



From the Plains around the airport, red roofs on a highway in Gold Coast – This town provides amazing prospects like no other.

Train to nowhere

Rush hour on the railway in Brisbane.

In Brisbane there is public transport infrastructure, which has long died. In fact, the wait between trains lasted so long, that many people have died, While waiting for the train in Jeronpilli / Yeerongpilly or Indorupilli / Indooroopilly Brisbane suburb of miserable or another, that ends in Montalcino / «Pilly» – the suffix, Which one, as they say, translated from the local indigenous language as «huge, suffering from existential despair».


Weather forecast

In Brisbane so hot and unbearably humid summers, that's just, locals love it, because they don't know any better. In winter, the weather in the city is delightfully warm and generally dry, but local residents complain about the endless cold, because they have never been nowhere, and do not know, What real cold.


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