City of Alice Springs, Элис-Спрингс, Alice Springs

14 December, 2010


The Australian city of Alice Springs or Alice Springs ( Alice Springs),located in the south Northern Territory, the city's population 26,5 thousand people, is the second largest city residents in the Northern Territory.

Residents of Australia, Alice Springs Town, referred to simply as Alice, and the language of the Aboriginal name of the city sounds like "Mparntve".

City of Alice Springs is located in the geographical center of Australia, it is well away from the cities of Adelaide and Darwin. Distances near the coast around 1200 километров, and to the nearest town – 1500 километров.



City of Alice Springs – odnin of the richest cities in Australia, main source of income is tourism city, this is due to the high number of Aboriginal. Also, the city Alice Springs is the center of railways and highways connecting the north and south of the continent.

The temperature fluctuations, in, constitute around 20 ° C day. In the summer of, in the daytime, temperatures can reach 40 °C. In winter the temperature is much lower, sometimes freeze up 7 °C. The climate is very dry, rains very little or not a°Cll, rainfall from year to year different.

City of Alice Springs attracts tourists from many resorts, casino, Aboriginal Art Museum, nightclubs, pubs, numerous restaurants and cafes. sights of the city is a "Deserted Park" (Desert Park), Reptile Centre and Botanical Garden. In addition to all the tourists will be offered tours by camel, balloon flights and other unique entertainment. Difficulties with the placement will not occur, as the city has many hotels, Hostels, special parks to stop people, who travel by car. In Alice Springs held a number of festivals and views, examples of which are racing through the desert and the Todd River.




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