City of Cairns, Cairns

10 December, 2010


The Australian city of Cairns (Cairns) located on the north-east Stata Kvislend and is the center of the same local government area with a population of 160 thousand people. Cairns City is the fourteenth place in the ranking of Australian cities by population, length of the city from south to north is 35 kilometers. The nearest major city of Cairns City Townsville, He removed to 300 kilometers south of, its population 143 thousand people.


City of Cairns is located on the east coast of Cape York Peninsula and climatic zones in the region due to the presence of a mountain range, therefore, the western side of subtropical climate prevails, and on the east side - a tropical climate.

Cairns City is crossed by two rivers - the river and the river Berron Mulgrave, is short and rapids of the river, like all other rivers of the region. At a distance 40 kilometers from the city located in the Coral Sea Great Barrier Reef.

The city is surrounded by virgin tropical forests,which is a living museum of flora and fauna listed in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

In 1984 the opening Cairns International Airport, that is contributed to the influx of tourists. A further development of tourist infrastructure in the city has created an image of the international tourist center, Tourism is the city of Cairns brings a basic income. It is also near the city grow and process sugar cane.



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