City Kalaundra, Caloundra

10 Декабрь, 2010


The Australian city of Kalaundra (Caloundra) Located in the eastern part Stata Kvislend and is part of the district Saynshayn Coast. The city's population is Kalaundra 87 thousand people, a nearby major city Brisbane, it is situated in 70 kilometers south of Kalaundra.

Kalaundra City is located on the Coral Sea, but most of the city is occupied by plains, which are individual mountains, their height does not exceed 550 метров.

On the west side of the ridge area limits Blakall-Range (Blackall Range), height of individual peaks reaches 800 метров. This ridge is part of the Great Dividing Range.

The first European settlers came to this area in the 1820s. It was a runaway convicts, who are living with Australian Aborigines, have long been living in these places.

В 1868 the government has opened up previously not available for the settlement of land. В 1987 by county Lendsbare was given the Inatus of the city and the name Kalaundra.

Tourism in the city is developed only in the local scale. Tourists come here from other areas of Brisbane Kvislenda. There are many beaches, different in their infrastructure, quality of the sand, protection from waves and clean.

Beach Golden Beach to the east of the island is protected from the waves Braybaye, so it is safe and suitable for families with children. It is very comfortable to ride on boats, to engage in kite surfing and fishing. Due to shallow depths at low tide from the beach, Golden Beach, you can almost reach the island Braybaye.

Balkok Beach Beach is located opposite the north Braybaye, near the central business district. Nearby are numerous cafes and restaurants.

Beach Kings Beach is the central city beach. There are places for picnics, built playgrounds, showers and toilets. Nearby there is a 25-meter swimming pool filled with salt water.

Beach Shelly Beach is not suitable for swimming because of strong waves and dangerous rocks, Despite this, some people like conditions. During low tide you can find a large number of marine animals, found in coastal waters, for example, various crabs and clams.

Beach Moffat Beach – Kalaundry small sandy beach with a minimum number of facilities and lack of emergency services.



It also stretches along the coast of Esplanade - a specially constructed track for walking.

In Kalaundre has attractions such as Australia Zoo named after Steve Irwin. This is one of the most famous zoos in the world, which was founded by parents in honor of her son Steven. Zoo is unique in the show with live crocodiles and other rare number of, Australian wild animals, you will not see in other zoos of the world.

Also in town are Kalaundra Amusement Park "Australian World" , Pub "Itamoga" National Park Glazhauz Mountains, it is located west of the city and is a plain of volcanic origin, with randomly placed on it the remains of extinct volcanoes.

The city is located in the Kalaundra subtropical climate, there are two distinct periods - the rainy season, which lasts from November to May and dry season which lasts from June to October, average annual rainfall of about 1550 mm of rainfall.

Summer, during the day, temperatures can exceed 28 °C, as the night goes down to 20 °C. During the winter, daytime temperatures hover around 21 °C, average night temperature of about 10 °C.°C




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