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18 December, 2010


The Australian city of Canberra (Canberra) - The capital of the Commonwealth of Australia, the city is located in the northern part Australian Capital Territory in 280 km south-west of Sydney and 650 km north-east of Melbourne, with a population of more than 334 thousand people.

Канберра – prosperous city, is the largest city in Australia, inland, rather than on the coast.
In 1908 , the territory of modern Canberra was chosen as the future capital of the Commonwealth of Australia, which was a compromise between competing among themselves for this status of the country's two largest cities, Sydney and Melbourne.
The basis of design of Canberra went to the concept of a garden city, implying large areas of natural vegetation, Australians because of what was called the capital of "capital-hedge" (bush capital).

Canberra - a place of residence of the Australian Government, Here are the Parliament of Australia, The Supreme Court and numerous ministries. The city is the social and cultural institutions of national importance, such as the National Gallery of Australia and National Museum Avstralii.Federalnoe the government is making the largest contribution to the GDP of the city and is the largest employer in Canberra.

The main areas of the city's economy are the government administration and defense, which employs about 40 % residents of Canberra. Among the employers in the public sector are allocated the Ministry of Defence, Finance, Foreign Affairs and Trade, Treasury. Part of the institutions of the Australian armed forces are located in or near. The former military base Fairbairn, located near the Canberra International Airport was sold to the operators of the airport and currently serves VIP clients.

The city is also located a number of software vendors, serving government agencies: QSP, Tower Software, RuleBurst и The Distillery.
The largest schools are Canberra's Australian National University (Australian National University, ANU), located on the Acton (Acton), and the University of Canberra (University of Canberra, UC) in the Bruce (Bruce).



Near the area Kempell (Campbell) are the armed forces of the Australian Academy (English. Australian Defence Force Academy, ADFA) and the Royal Military College (Royal Military College). The Academy of the Australian armed forces are trained undergraduate and graduate students, and the Academy is an official campus of the University of New South Wales. Get a higher vocational education is possible in the campus of the Canberra Institute of Technology.
The city deystvovuyut 140 public and private schools, of them 96 public schools, and 44 - Private.

In Canberra, there are many national monuments and institutions, For example, Австралийский военный мемориал ( Australian War Memorial), Национальная галерея Австралии (National Gallery of Australia), National Portrait Gallery, Национальная библиотека Австралии (National Library of Australia), Национальный архив Австралии (National Archives of Australia) and the National Museum of Australia (National Museum of Australia). Many buildings of government agencies of the Commonwealth, located in Canberra, open to the public, including, Parliament House of Australia, High Court and the Royal Australian Mint ( Royal Australian Mint).

At an artificial lake Burley Griffin is a monument to James Cook (Captain Cook Memorial) and the National Carillon (National Carillon). Among the other attractions of the city stand out tower Telsra (Telstra Tower), Australian National Botanic Gardens at Mount Black Mountain (Australian National Botanic Gardens), Национальный зоопарк и аквариум (National Zoo and Aquarium) the dambo Skrivner ( Scrivener Dam), Национальный музей динозавров (National Dinosaur Museum) and the National Science and Technology Center ( Questacon – the National Science and Technology Centre).

At the Canberra Museum and Gallery, Located in the heart of the city, exposition, devoted to local history and culture. Several historic buildings in the first European settlers, is open to the public: Farm Leynon (Lanyon Homestead) and Tukkeranong ( Tuggeranong Homestead), Mugga Mugga- (Mugga-Mugga) and the house Blandellsov (Blundells’ Cottage). House Kelphorpsov (Calthorpes’ House) at Red Hill is dated 1920's. Dom Dantrun (Duntroon House) in the area of ​​Campbell is one of the first farms in the area and is now owned by the Royal Military College.

In Canberra, there are a large number of seats, with live music, and many theaters: Canberra Theatre (Canberra Theatre and Playhouse), where major concerts are held and the placement of; Ллевеллин-Холл ( Llewellyn Hall) School of Music Australian National University. On the street Childers (Childers Street) Street theater is located. The oldest concert hall in Canberra is the Albert Hall ( Albert Hall), Opened in 1928 Year, which originally appeared Canberra community repertoire Canberra Repertory Society) and the Canberra Philharmonic Society (Canberra Philharmonic Society).

Every year at the University of Canberra held a music festival "Stounfest" (Stonefest). The city also has a large number of bars and nightclubs, which are mostly located in areas of Dixon (Dickson), Кингстон (Kingston) and in the town center. All centers have their own areas of theaters and cinemas, and libraries. Among the most famous cultural events highlighted the National Festival of Folk Art (National Folk Festival), The Royal Canberra Show (Royal Canberra Show), Car Festival Sammernets (Summernats car festival), Канберрский мультикультурный фестиваль (Canberra Multicultural Festival) and the Festival "Celebrate, Канберра» (Celebrate Canberra festival), which is held annually during the ten days in March in connection with the Day of Canberra.
The area is Bruce Australian Institute of Sport (Australian Institute of Sport), which is a specialized educational institution and the training.

In Canberra, there are many smaller stadiums, golf courses, skate parks, tennis court and swimming pool complexes. The city has a wide network of paths for cyclists. Widely available water sports.
Because of the latitude, altitude and distance from the coast in Canberra four seasons are clearly distinguished. The climate of most Australian coastal areas, where are all the capitals of the states and territories of the country, is under the softening influence of the sea. In Canberra, the summer is hot and dry, cold winters with frequent frosts and fogs. Mountains and some areas are covered with snow. The highest temperature, registered in the city reached 42,2 °C, and the lowest - 10 °C. In winter°Che city is sometimes snow falls, but it usually melts quickly. From September to March, thunderstorms occur. The maximum amount of rain falls in spring and summer.

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