What is interesting about Sydney?

26 Май, 2013




Today, Sydney is considered practically the most beautiful city in the world. It is located in Australia, the smallest continent.
Placed the city on the coast of the Tasman Sea on the banks of Sydney Harbour. In recent years, Sydney has become a modern metropolis. In the western part of the city soar skyward Blue Mountains.
Symbols Of Sydney
Harbour Bridge is the most important attraction, It includes the Opera House and bridge. In appearance the structure like a sailboat. On the construction of the building lasted fourteen years.
Opera premises includes three halls, in these halls put Theatre, also hosts musical concerts. In a recording studio.
The construction of the Harbour Bridge was completed in 1932 Year. Worldwide no single-span bridge can not be compared with it largest. Now in Sydney, there are many bridges.
Monuments of history
Sydney is a relatively old city, He is not rich in monuments of antiquity. Foreigners will be interested to visit neighborhoods and Belmejpa Pjeddingtona. In the heart of Sydney, you'll see the previously abandoned village. Extraordinary curiosity from tourists causes Mint, Hyde Park barracks, and, of course, the Island prison, now fortress Fort Dennison.
Royal Botanic Garden, whose dimensions Boggle eyes, was created in 1816 year in Sydney. Many people love this place and walked through the garden. It is home to more than seven thousand species of various plants. From here you will be able to examine the superb Bay of Sydney.
But still a greater number of vacationers in Sydney attending countless beaches, the most common of which is the Bondi Beach-Beach, located on the Pacific coast.
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