City of Gold Coast, Cost-Golg

10 Декабрь, 2010


The Australian city of Gold Coast (Cost-Golg) located in the southeastern part of the Stata Kvislend and is the center of the same area of ​​the local government center with a population of 527 thousand people.

Gold Coast City stretches 60 kilometers along the coast of the Coral Sea, in the western part of the Gold Coast is bordered by the Great Dividing Range, Nearby is the National Park Lamington, which is part of the rain forests of the eastern coast, classified as World Heritage sites.

In 1885 the governor Kvislenda built on a hill near the Gold Coast holiday home. Since then, the coast has become a place of resort for the higher circles of Brisbane. To 1889 year in this area had a railroad, that provided the impetus for the development of the area. After the opening of the hotel two kilometers from Southport are tourist boom began.



Main scope Economy Gold Coast – tourism, Gold Coast, or the Gold Coast can safely be called the Beach Capital of Australia, especially popular local beaches, warm ocean year-round and high waves, that attract surfers.
Another Gold Kostraz in the year, the city's famous racing series takes Indy Car Grand Prix Gold Coast.

The city has a large number of tall buildings, including, famous skyscraper tall Q1 Tower 322,5 m. the same way, close to the Gold Coast, v What kilometers to Hugo ot Brisbane, Airport operates domestic and international traffic Gold Coast Airport (Coolangatta Airport).

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